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A dedicated employee model means you hire offshore staff that works exclusively for your projects, functioning as a seamless extension of your in-house team. Your outsourced team, located in our global offices, focuses solely on your tasks and objectives.

We handle the bulk of the hiring process! Our team sources, screens, and evaluates potential candidates, presenting you the top selections. Once you choose a candidate, they become your dedicated remote employee, operating exclusively for your company, from our supervised offices.

Absolutely. Our candidates are meticulously selected and vetted, ensuring they not only possess the requisite skills but also have substantial experience in specialized roles to integrate smoothly into your operations. 

Emphasizing transparency and your confidence in hiring, we facilitate virtual interviews conducted by you or a member of your in-house team. All relevant background checks and professional verifications are sent directly to you, ensuring that your chosen candidate meets your criteria just as they would in an in-person hiring process. 

We prioritize providing you with a thorough understanding and assurance of the quality and integrity of the professionals in our database, so your selections are based on comprehensive insights and interactions.

We guarantee a structured and disciplined work environment in our global offices. Not only do we equip your remote employees with optimal workspaces and necessary equipment, but we also have dedicated managers actively supervising at all times to uphold motivation and ensure steadfast productivity. Our managers closely monitor and guide them, ensuring that they adhere to your company’s work ethics and standards, thereby assuring that your remote team remains as productive as an in-house team.

Certainly! You are encouraged to schedule weekly or even daily video meetings with your remote employee. Treat and interact with them just as you would with your in-house team—anytime, any day. At Remotwise, we prioritize establishing and maintaining open, flexible communication channels to ensure smooth integration with your daily operations. Your remote candidate essentially becomes an integral part of your team, adhering to your work culture and objectives

Just like with in-house hires, each remote employee has a probation period. Should you choose to change your employee during or after this time, rest assured, there will be no additional fees. Our team will meticulously repeat our thorough screening, sourcing, and interview process to find alternative professionals that align with your job requirements and company culture, ensuring your satisfaction and operational continuity.

Yes, if you require it. One of the advantages of global outsourcing is operational flexibility. If you need your remote employee to work during the weekend or on a national holiday, simply inform them in advance. This ensures that your business operations continue even when your local team might be off work, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Regular and streamlined communication is maintained through scheduled meetings, updates, and collaborative platforms, ensuring you’re always in the loop and can easily interact with your offshore team.

We stand out with our unrivalled global presence. Our representatives, scattered worldwide, are available for in-person meetings, offering a blend of personalized and accessible services. This hybrid approach of remote and face-to-face interactions ensures our remote teams seamlessly integrate with your operations, maintaining your company’s standards and work ethics robustly.

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No, there are no additional setup fees when you partner with us. We provide all the necessary equipment to ensure your remote employee can perform their role effectively. Your only financial commitment is the employee’s salary, which can be conveniently managed through our easy payment system.

Your outsourced team seamlessly integrates into your operations, and you manage them just like your in-house team. Assign tasks, manage projects, and collaborate using various project management and communication tools.

Certainly! Our model allows flexibility. You can easily scale your outsourced team as per your work requirements, ensuring agility and adaptability to changing market dynamics

From significantly reducing your hiring and operational costs to accessing a vast pool of global talent, having a dedicated remote employee can allow you to scale effectively, manage projects more efficiently, and enhance overall productivity.

At our agency, language proficiency is paramount. While accents are a natural and vibrant part of global diversity, we ensure that all our professionals possess impeccable English language skills, often akin to a native speaker, to facilitate smooth communication. Our employees are expert professionals, often holding advanced degrees, and are selected to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, we offer bilingual options to cater to your diverse communication needs.

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