How it works

Here's a glimpse of how we distinguish our approach

How Do I Start?

First, we’ll schedule a discovery call, dedicating time to fully understand your unique requirements. This deep dive allows us to gain insight into the intricacies of your business, ensuring we tailor our services to align perfectly with your objectives and vision.

  • Which job role are you seeking to fill?
  • Experience duration
  • Industry knowledge
  • Required certifications/licenses
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Starting date

Finding the Perfect Match

Second, we will start collecting resumes, screen and review applications with your exact requirements. All of our interviews are done by phone and in-person to asses the candidate’s fit and qualifications. Once shortlisted by our skilled managers, we conducts background checks and verify references. 

Spotlight on Selection

Post our initial screening, we present to you a curated selection of candidates, accompanied by their interviews. You or your designated team members have the liberty to further interview them, ensuring an impeccable fit. Upon selection, we navigate the complexities of compliance—handling contracts, NDAs, data security measures, payroll, and more. Your new remote team members are primed and ready for a smooth integration into your operations

Effortlessly Onboard Top Talent

Your dedicated expert will begin working solely for your company from our supervised office, equipped with all the necessary tools like computers, headphones, and more. Chosen candidates undergo a training phase, orchestrated by you or your team, which guarantees a seamless introduction and integration into your processes, despite being geographically distant.

Note that for the well-being and work-life balance of our employees, we accept assignments of 12 months or longer. We exclusively hire professionals with years of expertise in their respective fields and holding college or university degrees. 

Instant Replacements

It’s often said that a person’s true skills shine once they begin their work. Therefore, we offer a valuable probation period to ensure your new team members align perfectly with your needs. If a replacement is necessary, we’ll promptly find an ideal match.

We Handle The Compliance So You Don't Have To

Our team is always ahead of the curve, safeguarding your company against potential legal hurdles. As global regulations evolve, we keep you informed and compliant.


Awards and Recognition, Health, Family, Transport Benefits.

Staff Retention

Great work environment, Policies, Effective performance management, Compensations.
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Employee Management

Time Entry, Employee Records, Performance Tracking, Temporary Staffing, Payroll and Contracts.
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Work wiser, not Harder.

''The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Remote work is an opportunity to do just that- to transform leadership and workplace habits to allow for growth, innovation and success.''
Izabelle V.
COO Remotwise

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